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We have an active community of Utopians and misfits on telegram, talking about this wonderful things called life. Come Join the fun.

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T-Shirts & Hoodies

We have a range of T-Shirts and Hoodies on offer over at our merch store.
There is little profit in these items, we use any funds we make to support the project plans, together with donating to mental health awareness charities.

Welcome to Utopia

– Sound bath healing meditation 
– A safe environment to go on a journey within, accompanied alongside trained therapists & experienced trip sitters. 
– Integration & support after the ceremony for those who need it 
– Reiki healing massage 
– Massage therapists (Free 30 Min. massage to all VIP ticket holders)
– Live DJs 
– Performers 
– An exclusive apartment on-site (with shower) available during the daytime for VIP ticket holders, in case any rest bite is needed
& much more

What is not included. 

– Accommodation (You must bring your own tent / camper vans also welcome.  
– Food & drink -A free lunch for Saturday and Sunday will be included for VIP ticket holders! (We will also have food trucks / caterers where you will be able to purchase food & drink, so please bring a little cash as there are no ATM’s)
– Keep in mind that this is a no alcohol event. We will not be serving alcohol. If you wish to bring your own alcohol, we will not object to this; …but let’s see if we can raise our vibration, not lower it.

Saturday 8 April 2023 11:00 AM – Monday 10 April 2023 11:00 AM

Utopia Hats

Our earliest baby of the Utopia Project movement began with hats and beanies.
Check out our designs and quality headwear to assist you any weather.

About The Utopia Project

Are you ready to flip the lens on how you perceive yourself?

The world is going through a huge energy shift, with many questioning who they are & what this life is all about.

I believe our life journey is to reconnect with our inner child.
We came into this world as pure love, pure energy, pure awareness. But we go through life taking on the pain of others. Through our life experiences we lose touch with who we are. But our inner child is still waiting to express themselves, hidden beneath all the pain.

Once you come to the realisation that you are not your life experiences, you’re the one experiencing them. You adopt the position as the observer, the witness, you now have a front row seat to this movie that is life.

This shift in perception will not only change how you view your outer world, but also your inner world.

Your thoughts will no longer harm you, when you don’t put your identity in them.

Watch them, observe them, as they drift away. 

Your inner child wants to reconnect with you. 
The question is, are you ready?

Love & light,
Jack (Founder of Utopia Project).